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CBD Pet Treats


CBD Infused Dog Bones

12-15mg CBD per treat

30 count
  • Sourced from Bowling Green’s Puppers Barkery.
  • Tailored for all dogs, easily breakable for smaller breeds
  • Elevate your pup’s joy with this delicious blend of care and wellness.
  • For Daily or Occasional Use.
  • Kentucky Proud Product

Full Description

Embark on a journey of canine bliss with our CBD-infused dog bones, a result of our exclusive partnership with the renowned local haven for hounds – the Puppers Barkery. Delight your furry friend with each bone, meticulously crafted with care and infused with approx. 12 to 15 mg of premium CBD oil for a tail-wagging experience like no other.

Tailored for dogs of all sizes, our CBD-infused bones offer flexibility. Easily break them in half or provide a quarter size, ensuring a perfect fit for every pup. Indulge your furry friend in customizable joy and well-being .Product contains THC(<0.3% as per the 2018 U.S. Farm). 

Dosage Chart:

– Small Dogs (up to 15 lbs): 1/4 of a bone (3-4 mg CBD)

– Medium Dogs (15-40 lbs): 1/2 of a bone (6-7.5 mg CBD)

– Large Dogs (40+ lbs): 1 full bone (12-15 mg CBD)



Ingredients: Wheat flour, all natural peanut butter, water, cinnamon, MCT oil, hemp extract.

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