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  • 25mg CBN + 25mg CBD per gummie 
  • Specifically formulated for sleep
  • 1500mg total cannabinoids per bag
  • Assorted fruit flavors

Additional information

Our full spectrum sleep gummieZzzz are specifically formulated with 25mg of CBD and 25mg of CBN to promote calming, nighttime relief.  CBN, short for Cannibinol, is one of the more than 100 naturally-ocurring cannabinoids found in the aged Cannabis sativa L. plant and has been dubbed the “sleepy cannabinoid.”  CBN + CBD has been found to bring on drowsiness in some.  Each package contains 30 gummieZzzz at 50mg a piece.  Handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality. All of our products are third party tested for quality and quantity.

  • 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD +  25mg of CBN
  • Specific for sleep and anxiety
  • Assorted fruit flavors

Suggested Use: Take 1 gummie an hour before bed.   

Ingredients: CBD distillate, CBN isolate, gelatin, water, corn syrup, citric acid, pectin, vegetable oil(coconut, canola), carnauba leaf wax, sugar, artificial color and flavors.